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I miss the “talking stage”

the butterflies,
the flirting,
losing sleep,
the good morning/night texts.

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Long Time No Hear

He emailed me he emailed me!!!!
Honestly I mean he he mails me every now and then, and that’s nice. But for the first time he actually sounded so genuine. He told me about plans for his future. He also even said he was excited for ME to hear the new music he is making with his friends.
I am so proud of him. I know he has been busy with his dreams and job. I don’t blame him. After tonight it shows me he hasn’t forgotten about me and that he actually wants to tell me about his life. That means SO much to me.
So many guys have asked me on dates lately and I have denied each one. I can only think about him. Every night before I go to bed he is in my mind. I make sure to look through his pictures and old emails to me.
I hope I have some kinda future with this boy. He means so much to me. We may not be in a relationship, but it’s pretty darn close. We go through everything any other couple would in the Navy. It’s been 130 days and I’m willing to wait the rest of the time just to get another kiss and hug from that boy!

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My first tattoo! I got it in memory of my grandma. The artist took my original idea and made it so much better. I couldn’t be any happier with it.

Relax bro